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Our doula agency, Doula Austin, is exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are going to have a baby, or you’ve had your baby, we are here to help! Contact us today, we want to help you at whatever stage you’re at!

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Welcome to Doula Austin

We understand that becoming a mother, or having another child in the mix can be overwhelming. That's why we are glad you're here, because we are ready to help! Not only have we worked with many other mothers before, but we have dealt with all sorts of pregnancies and births!

We have the solution or whatever you are facing! We have services for all aspects of a birth, from prenatal doula, to birth doula, postpartum and even end of life doula (who are also called death doula).

Why Choose Doula Austin?

Our company is equipped to help the most strenuous pregnancies, the most stressed mothers, and the craziest families. We have made it our mission to help babies come into this world, in a way that the mother will always remember and cherish. That the baby will be able to bond with their mother right away, that the mom will be healthy enough, physically and mentally to care for the baby and its needs.

Our company values our new mothers, or mothers who are having another kid, whatever the case may be, we are here to help them in whatever they need. We are the best in our community, and we are here to prove it to you!

We, as a company, have had the pleasure of helping many mothers and their families adjust to newborn life. We are the perfect company to help you and your family too. We understand how much a family needs to adjust,not just the mother.

Kids already in the family can have a hard time understanding what a newborn entails, a mother can often feel overwhelmed or overworked by having a newborn at home and the same at home responsibilities, and even a father can feel the stress of a newborn at home while they are at work. You should choose us so we can help your family get through all of those challenges!

It's important to us that:

  • Our doulas are trained to be the best in their field and community.
  • That our doulas are always up to date on certifications.
  • That not only the mother but the family feel comfortable with their doula.
  • That our doulas are up to date on all the techniques and positions helpful to mothers, for either relaxation or to induce labor.
  • That our doulas know how to help when it comes to sleep scheduling .
  • Our families feel like the number one priority to their doula.

As a company that has helped this community for so many years, we want to include you in that. We guarantee you will be happy you hired a doula, not only for your sake, but for your entire family’s! Call us today to get in contact with us, so we can start helping you find your perfect doula, and you can stop searching “doulas near me” on your web engine.

What To Expect From Doula Austin

Our mothers know that they are the number one priority for our doulas. They can rest assured that they will be supported in any and all decisions they make for themselves and their baby. Our mothers are happy to know that our doulas are up to date with all certifications and training.

We understand that mothers have so much going on that they need to handle, and we are here to help you fit everything you need to in, while we remember to do what's best for your baby too!

Today is the day to get in contact and start on your birth plan. We know how important it is to mothers to plan and prepare, and we are here to help! We would love to get to know you on a one on one basis, where you feel heard and understood, and we can learn more about what you value and believe and we will value those values and beliefs!

We want to find the doula that you feel not only compatible with but comfortable, and we will not rest until we do! We value how our mothers feel every moment of us working with them!

Our Services

Doula Austin TX is equipped to provide you with everything you need or may need! We offer many different varying packages and doula services, and we are more than happy to work with you to find what works for you. Not only do we offer prenatal packages, we help with labor, and aftercare of not only the baby, but you! If you get in contact with us today, we can explain the packages in even more depth, and how we can personalize them for your needs!

austin prenatal doula

Prenatal Doula

  • Our doulas are ready to sit down with you and discuss your birth plan

  • Our doulas are knowledgeable about your diet pre birth

  • Our doulas help you and your partner or family member learn different techniques and positions to help relax and provide you comfort

  • Our doulas are available at any time to answer questions

  • Our doulas is ready to support you and your family in all your decisions
austin birth doula

Birth Doula

  • Our doulas are happy to take any pictures you were hoping to get at the birth

  • Our doulas are prepared for whenever labor starts

  • Our doulas are prepared for an intimate home setting or hospital setting

  • Our doulas are ready to help communicate your needs to your team

  • Our doulas will remind you of the different positions that will help provide comfort to you

  • Our doulas will help with pain management, holistically

  • Our doulas will also allow your partner to stay right by your side as they run around doing what you need
austin postpartum doula

Postpartum Doula

  • Our doulas know how to help you and your family adjust best to newborn life

  • Our doulas are ready to help you learn how to best feed your baby, according to what you've decided to do

  • Our doulas are happy to let mama get a nap in while they watch the newborn

  • Our doulas are happy to help with running errands and doing light chores at home

  • Our doulas are ready to help with family meal prep

  • Our doulas are educated in sleep scheduling and ready to help you learn how to best help your baby get a schedule

About Austin TX

Out of 962 cities, Austin Texas is the fourth largest city in Texas! The population is close to one million and is also the 11th largest in the United States. Its economy is based on professional, scientific and technical services. Austin Texas is famous not only for the food and the people, but for the ambience you find there! A city full of music and art, you will find every kind of entertainment you need for you and your family when you come visit!

  • Round Rock, TX
  • Pflugerville, TX
  • Cedar Park, TX
  • Jollyville, TX
  • Lakeway, TX
  • Anderson Mill, TX
  • And many more surrounding areas..


“Exactly what does a doula do?”

A common question to ask, what's a doula? And we are here to tell you a doula is exactly what you need. A doula is a mother's aid through all the aspects of birth. Whether that is before birth, labor, or after care for you and your baby. Our doulas are ready to help you with whatever you need and here to answer all questions to ask a doula you can think of.

“How much is a doula, on average how much does a doula cost?”

Doula prices vary per service and packages. Doula Austin cost is the best in the community for the services we offer, call us today so we can get you a free estimate and we can find a doula that works for you!

“How can I find the best postpartum services near me?”

We are here to help you find the best doula that fits your needs. No need to stress yourself out searching on your computer for “doula services near me” when we can do that for you!

“Doula vs. midwife? What is the difference?”

A midwife has medical responsibilities that a doula doesn't have. Because the doula doesn't have to worry about those responsibilities, it allows the doula to make the mom and the family the first priority.

“What exactly is a postnatal doula?”

A postnatal doula is also known as a postpartum doula, helps with the aftercare of your newborn baby! Not only does the postnatal doula help with feeding the newborn and helping the baby learn sleep scheduling, but the doula also helps the mother with household chores that she needs! Like light cleaning or meal prep.

“Does a doula replace the father/spouse?”

No. A doula allows the husband to be there at the wife’s head comforting her the whole time while she runs to get more pillows, to massage her back or to help her get comfortable however she can.

“Can I contact her whenever I need?”

Yes. Your doula is there for every question and need. We offer packages as well that include time during the night and day to call her! After birth as well, you’ll find you have lots of questions, or just need an extra set of hands. Our doulas are prepared for that too

“Can I have a doula at the hospital with me?”

Yes. If your original plan is to have your birth at the hospital, or something changes last minute, your doula is there for whatever you need! She is there to help relax and reassure and can help facilitate communication with all your team! Having her there will ensure that the previous birth plan discussed can be followed as closely as possible.

"I am so thankful that my husband brought up getting a doula. I was nervous to add even more charges to us having a baby, but not only did it keep my husband from stressing out while he was at work, but my doula helped me so so much. I am so glad we decided to hire one, even just getting through my pregnancy and all the pains and cravings that came with it, well I wouldn't have been able to do it without my doula."

amelia o

"Brooke was my life saver. I kid you not. When I say I couldn't have gotten through my at home labor without her, I mean it. From the ways to induce birth, to the ways to manage my pain, and the best back massages, well she was perfect. I would recommend it to anyone, at home or not, to get a doula."

bridgette g

"I was alone during my birth. I’m not married and my family couldn’t fly in because the baby decided she needed to come early! If it wasn't for my doula, I am not sure how i would've gotten through that day. She was someone I knew beforehand, someone I trusted and who knew me. I am so grateful they were there. I am so grateful to Austin Doula, that they could find a doula near me that was exactly what I needed."

lisa s

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Doula Austin is a company who loves helping mothers and newborns through the journey of pregnancy and birth! We have helped many mothers and their families throughout the years and we can say we have been honored each time to do it.

We want to help you, contact us today so we can get started together! Let's not wait any longer to get done everything that a newborn needs to do before their big day.

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